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QUIZ 12 – TV Programmes – Answers


1Firelighter – each 24 hoursMatch of the Day
2Intent running after someoneThe Chase
3“High Society” songWhat Wants to be a Millionaire
4London bookshop’s battleFoyle’s War
510, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, ……..Countdown
6Puff’s homeDragon’s Den
7Wide place of worshipBroadchurch
8Priest worth 4 pointsFather Brown
9Peter or Mark or Paul, etcThe Saint
10End life pleasantlyDeath in Paradise
11Person ready to take overThe Apprentice
12Following the rules to the letter while we do the twist or waltzStrictly Come Dancing
13What we’ve been doing for the past few monthsNot Going Out
14Questionable GPDoctor Who
15Address not seen since 1954Coronation Street
16Magician changed his actNew Tricks
17Cardiac twiceHart to Hart
18Best groupThe A Team
19Lancelot, Gawain or Galahad on a horseKnight Rider
20Where? or what? after 10 pmQuestion Time

QUIZ 11 – Abba and Beatles Hits Answers


1Bride and Groom say yes 5 timesI do, I do, I do, I do, I do
2Sterling or Dollars or EurosMoney, Money, Money
31st prize with no tieThe Winners Takes It All
5Joseph kept having one as wellI Have a Dream
6Yesterday I didn’t see you until todayThe Day Before You Came
7Monopoly or CluedoThe Name of the Game
8Bees being busy producingHoney, Honey
9Raphael used these to seeAngel Eyes
10Anne doing the twistDancing Queen


1Red October moved downYellow Submarine
2elder daughter of tenth Duke of Aquitaine meets Leonard RossiterEleanor Rigby
3Twelfth of a shilling on a narrow country roadPenny Lane
4Ball up there glitteringLucy in the Sky with Diamonds
5Assistance from those I know wellWith a Little Help from my Friends
6Needed to travel on a trainTicket to Ride
7(eg) Lee Childs or Dick FrancisPaperback Writer
8Before todayYesterday
9Boris Can Say This until 2028When I’m 64
10Shout for assistanceHelp


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